Sorting your trash? The key word is "easy"

Every country and even municipality has special rules for sorting trash. Our organising options will help you keep your trash sorted and sustainable, no matter the rules you have to follow!

You are doing your best for the planet already, naturally - but in your new kitchen your best can be a little better - and a lot easier. Because the trash sorting choices you make, when you sit designing with one of our kitchen consultants can form the sustainable efftors for your whole family the next 20 years.

 Design your habits

There is no machine for sorting trash, but it something that is done automatically. By you, if you give your self the right habits and the right trash sorting system. We suggest you choose a system that is

  • placed and positioned in in the optimal working height
  • Easily accessible for sorting
  • Minimal effort when exitting 
  • Safely managing hygiene and smell
  • aligned with local requirements

This is why we at Kvik have trash sorting systems that even though they aren't rocket science, shows and intelligent way for you to do well now - and in the future.


"In the middle of my dream kitchen"?

Yes - we do suggest you do your trash sorting into correct categories as soon as you can - meaning when you rinse the broccoli, peel the red beets, trim the fish - you discard the organic leftovers and the packaging all in the same proces, only the different trashbins are waiting.

A dedicated trash cabinet makes all the difference

In a standard kitchen the trashbin is placed in the sink cabinet, which makes sense because because that's the busiest work zone. But it means you have to step back to access it - and that you block it for others when busy at the sink. A more the intelligent solution is a dedicated trash cabinet with telescope drawer, with sorting bins in operation height, accesible from 2 sides, for as long as you are in operation. Then it is back to closed and calm. Danish design.

Centrally placed for all to share

A Kvik trash cabinet is slim and can be placed in many positions in the kitchen line up - but we do recommend to place it centrally for more than one work statition. 



Sustainable - from both sides

A dedicated trash cabinet is typically half the width of the other cabinets, and can be placed where you like in the kitchen. The Cube system inside can be adapted, as the number of sorting categories in your local area varies.

Great thinking inside the boxes

CUBE system is versatile and optimizes the spcae

- and the square shape means you can combine modules to fit your present - and future - trash 'production'.

If a trash cabinet is not an option.. your kitchen, the cube system also offers state of the art modualr solutions to be placed under the sink inside any Kvik sink cabinet

Typical for danish design

the form has a many funtions: Square to optimize space, a robust but sleak lid to handle hygiene and smell, and a sturdy handle to make trash exiting hassle free

If your kitchen has special requirements

Not all kitchen have a dedicated trash cabinet as their dream scenario - because of space limitations or perhaps for style for reasons. In that case you might consider the wall mounted, innovative RecCollector system that breaks with traditional approaches and makes use of a wall - while being just as handy and versatile as the Cube system

ReCollector - intelligent wherever you put it

Stylish and discrete in design..

...means it does not advertise it's content

Accessible and handy..

...for filling as well exitting and emptying

As easy as a push with an elbow..

.. and it's ready to work. It is suited for most trash bag formats, but can also be used with only a rinse between emptying.