The secret of the Kvik wardrobe

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We imagine you have a plan for organising your home, which will be in line with both your personal style and your budget. Did you know that all of our wardrobe solutions are made to measure, just for you? That's secret behind our wardrobes. Read this guide to learn how to get a tailor-made Danish design wardrobe at a surprisingly low price.

-- is a new way of thinking about closets.

We all have a need to store our stuff, whether it's the coats and shoes in the entryway or our beloved sneaker collection or the Christmas decorations for those 11 months where they're not used. The last thing we need is to buy yet another standard-sized, prefab closet that doesn't quite fit the purpose. 

A better solution is to create a comprehensive system for organising your belongings, that is naturally integrated in the room, and which matches your personal style. We call that a  wardrobe, and we have tailor-made solutions for bedrooms, entries, laundry rooms, mud rooms, even offices and the kids' room. And you may think tailor-made sounds expensive, but like everything else we make, we can do it at a surprisingly low price.  

See all our wardrobe designs

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Explore wardrobe designs for your entryway

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-- for the entryway.

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MANO dark grey

-- for the entryway.

1. Think tailor fit -- ALL our wardrobe solutions are tailor made. From your own measurements we fit exactly and only to your room. That’s the standard solution to us, so no more making do with prefab solutions that don't quite fit. 

2. Think Up -- floor-to-ceiling solutions open extra storage room in the upper area, and our sliding doors have a max height of 270 cm. This means you can take advantage of otherwise unutilised space. 

3. Try to forget doors  -- choose freely between hinged doors, sliding doors or an open system – but remember sliding doors or open designs free a lot of space - and give a walk-in feeling even to smaller rooms.

4. Think about more than clothes -- with the right interior cabinets, all your accessories, like shoes, belts, purses or make-up can be stored and even displayed – or hidden behind a sliding door. The choice is yours.

5. Think about the space –- which areas in the bedroom are not already taken up by the bed, chests of drawers or windows? The remaining areas - no matter what they contain now - can be considered for your wardrobe imagination, since we make our wardrobes to measure for your space.

6. Think about styles -– all our Danish designs are minimalist, so they contain a lot of functionality in ways that easily agree with or even underline your own personal style.

The basic 4 step plan

-- to the wardrobe of your dreams in your bedroom.

We do not sell standard solutions, but design and furnish for the individual customer based on specific needs.

— Claus Johnsen, Head of Category Management & Design, Kvik