Dreams and inspiration may grow in your small bathroom.

If the bathroom in your home is a small bathroom, you have have our full support. A tiny bathroom, a mini bathroom, a narrow bathroom even more so - is a real challenge, when it has to serve an entire family in the morning. But even if you have more than one, when designing a small second bathroom, there is every reason to fully understand your options for making the most of your tiny bathroom space. In general, there are two 2 ways to get inspiration for a small bathroom: the organisational way and the creative way. We recommend you follow both.

Danish Design is fundamentally kind to small bathrooms

We often get asked: where do I find bathroom furniture in size small?

The organisational route - to free space

And though you can find mini shelves, mini sinks and mini closets, intelligent organisation is often a better solution. Why not organise your bathroom needs around one single piece of bathroom furniture - the perfect bathroom cabinet, that holds all your bathroom items and gadgets in a spacious drawer - right where you need them? See our bathroom cabinets here.

 An integrated sink inspires order

When the wall-mounted cabinet contains an integrated sink, you will get a feel of 'plenty of space' - even in your small bathroom, and because the cabinet top is all sink, you are naturally 'inspired' not to leave items all over it. See our selection of integrated sinks here.

What are the best visual tricks for small bathrooms?

There are a few principles you should know, feel free to choose creatively between them - or try them all! 

A small bathroom grows in white..

This optical illusion also works with other bright nuances like grey. And sorry, we do not sell paint, but if we did, it would be in many nuances of white and grey, because of the way it pairs perfect with our Danish designs.

... and with mirrors

Mainly because the eye perceives a mirror as an opening to another room. So, a bigger mirror is better than a small one, but but be sure it's place in the right position. Our showroom consultants can guide you - and you can see our mirror selection here.

...and with great lighting

And great lighting doesn't mean excessive lighting. Especially in a small bath in white nuances, intelligent lighting solutions can do wonders when natural light is not sufficient. Our showroom consultants can guide you - and you can see our bath light selection here.


Is there a special style of inspiration for small bathrooms?

Yes - and no.

In reality, the key visual principle in a small bathroom is to go out of your way to please the eye. In a monotone bathroom the confined space may be all you can think of.

This means that your small bathroom begs for your creativity and a personal touch. Of course, we can't advise on that, but many might choose a style that is ' cute,' or 'romantic" - but in the small bathroom, often a focused design with limited decorative elements work better.

You will probably be just fine with your personal style - especially if you are selective about what you leave lying around.

3 tips of inspiration for your tiny bathroom.

The smaller the room, the bigger role for the details. Here are some ideas