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MANO -- the original sociable kitchen.

Mano is our flagship kitchen. It’s been continuously refined to perfection based on how you live your life. Every element of this kitchen represents what you expect from Danish design - simplicity, well-thought-out solutions, and endless possibilities. It's the original sociable kitchen - where all the great conversations, late nights, laughter and life happens.


Refined to perfection -- classic Danish design.

Mano is steeped in Danish design traditions where aesthetics and functionality are in perfect harmony. Its endless possibilities, well-thought-out craftsmanship and classic look are Danish design at its best. Mano is available in a luxurious, matte dark grey as well as classic matt white and black wood. With Mano, you make a durable and sustainable choice, as the white and dark grey fronts are made  of recycled PET plastic bottles.

Get your hands on -- the perfect grip.

Mano means “hand” in Italian, and the key to Mano’s unique look is its well thought-out and integrated handles. Over the years, we’ve shaped these handles to perfection, so they’re ergonomic and fit your hand perfectly when you open the drawers and doors.

Carry on -- with continuous lines.

Choosing Mano means choosing a design without compromises. With Mano, it’s possible to carry the beautiful lines throughout the design no matter how the cabinets are combined. You'll love it in your kitchen, whether it's a modern loft space or a classic family home.

dark grey


Experience Mano -- Danish design and craftsmanship at its best.

dark grey




MANO -- because life is lived in the kitchen.



MANO -- not just for your kitchen.

— -- create the perfect wardrobe.

Make Mano a feature in your bedroom and get loads of storage space too.

— -- a bathroom oasis.

Bring Mano's character to your bathroom as well.

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