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White kitchen with a kitchen island and a solid wood worktop
Front colors

MANO — refined to perfection.

Meet Mano, our beloved kitchen masterpiece that's been meticulously crafted and refined to match your lifestyle. Every nook and cranny of this space is a testament to the Danish design ethos you've come to cherish — pure simplicity, ingenious solutions, and boundless possibilities. Feel the magic as your fingertips glide over its subtle integrated handles, tailor-made to offer you simplicity. Bask in the beauty of choice as Mano is available in an array of colours—crisp white, bold black wood, deep dark grey, and warm arizona beige. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Mano has a minimum of 40% recycled materials at its core.


Refined to perfection — classic Danish design.

Embrace the symphony of timeless Danish elegance with Mano -  a true embodiment of Danish design traditions where beauty and functionality dance in perfect harmony. From its infinite possibilities, meticulous craftsmanship, to its iconic appeal, Mano is Danish design in its prime.

Let Mano's palette of colours captivate you. Feel the warmth of the velvety arizona beige, the indulgent sophistication of matte dark grey, and the timeless charm of classic white or black wood.

With Mano, you make a rational choice, as the arizona beige, white and dark grey fronts are made of foils that use recycled PET plastic bottles and the black wood veneer is from certified sustainable forestry.

Black kitchen with kitchen island and colored black fronts

MANO dark grey

1 234,-

Get your hands on — the perfect grip.

At the heart of Mano, which means "hand" in Italian, lies a beautiful synergy of form and function. The key to Mano’s distinctive allure lies in its thoughtfully designed, seamlessly integrated handles. Over the years, we've sculpted these handles with such precision and care that they've become an embodiment of ergonomic perfection. Every time your hand reaches out to open a drawer or a door, it finds a perfect partner in these handles, reflecting a harmonious blend of aesthetic appeal and practical design. This is where well-thought-out design culminates in perfect harmony, making your interaction with Mano a delightfully smooth experience.


Carry on — with continuous lines.

When you choose Mano, you're embracing a design philosophy that doesn't compromise, where form and function meet in blissful harmony. One of the captivating elements of Mano is its ability to carry the elegant lines throughout, regardless of how the cabinets are combined.

These continuous, beautiful lines add a unique rhythm to the design, creating a seamless visual symphony that is truly mesmerising. This feature ensures that Mano graces every kitchen, be it a contemporary loft or a charming, classic family abode, with its timeless beauty. Thus, in every detail, Mano marries well-thought-out design and flawless functionality, creating a kitchen space that you'll absolutely adore.

And now, you can choose it in an elegant, modern two-drawer look as well as classic Mano, with three drawers. 

The Sociable Kitchen® — make it your own.

We invented The Sociable Kitchen® in 1998 out of our deep knowledge of how life is lived in the kitchen. It's still going strong today because it just fits into every kind of lifestyle and home. Any of our kitchens can be a Sociable Kitchen®, but we admit, Mano does it best.

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Sociable kitchen

Experience Mano -- Danish design and craftsmanship at its best.

White kitchen with a kitchen island and a solid wood worktop

MANO white

123 456,-

Black kitchen with kitchen island and colored black fronts
Black wooden kitchen with kitchen island

MANO sera

12 345,-

MANO -- because life is lived in the kitchen.

White kitchen with a kitchen island and a solid wood worktop

MANO white

123 456,-

MANO -- not just for your kitchen.

— -- create the perfect wardrobe.

Make Mano a feature in your bedroom and get loads of storage space too.

— -- a bathroom oasis.

Bring Mano's character to your bathroom as well.

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