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OAKWOOD — Genuine statement of craftsmanship.

At first sight, the striking characteristics are solid oak, beautifully crafted details like finger joints and integrated handle grips. You will feel the amount of work and finesse that has been put into this kitchen, and the result is a combination of sublime technique, superb quality and natural, sustainable materials. This kitchen not only speaks to your senses, but it also makes a strong statement in your home.


Sublime craftsmanship

Oakwood is made of solid oak with surfaces connected by quality details like finger joints and an integrated handle grip. It’s a beautiful statement of quality in your home.

Clever Danish design

Oakwood is the epitome of clever Danish design. We have thought functionality into the design and created a 3-drawer look separated by thin black lines with no gaps, making is easier to keep clean. And the 3-drawer look across drawers and fronts lets the harmony of the design shine through.

A quality statement

With this kitchen, you add the ultimate statement of craftsmanship to your home. Made only of wood from certified sustainable forestry, it’s a sustainable choice that combined with other designs, it gives you a premium statement that will last for years to come. Oakwood’s traditional carpentry and innovative techniques represent Danish design at its very finest.

OAKWOOD – a quality statement

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