Appliances from AEG are German quality at its best.


AEG redefines what you can expect from your household appliances. With their innovative solutions, you have the opportunity to challenge the boundaries of everyday life. AEG started in Berlin in 1883, and since then they have never been satisfied with 'good enough'. They also believe that their customers should not be satisfied before trying the best there is. AEG stands for uncompromising innovation - suitable for every home. You should be able to live life on your terms while also making a sustainable choice. Find all AEG appliances here, including the popular AEG oven.


Discover impressive baking, grilling and braising with a multifunction oven from AEG. Whether you're a beginner in a kitchen or already a skilled chef, our ovens suit all skills and every kitchen - from a single oven ideal for a smaller kitchen to multiple ovens that can handle larger dinner parties. Master new flavours and bring it all together with our oven range.

Ovens - features

Simply set the temperature and the oven sets the correct vapour level yourself. You get the confidence to prepare food with steam and can enjoy your tasty results.

Cooking Help
Whether the dish is sweet or salty, every time you get the taste you dream of with 'Help with cooking'. With the digital kitchen assistant, you simply choose which dish you want to prepare and the correct settings are automatically handled so that your dish is prepared perfectly – every time.

Pyrolysis cleaning
Our ovens give you the ultimate self-cleaning with pyrolysis cleaning, taking efficiency and convenience to a whole new level. Heat the oven to a very high temperature, transforming food residues, grease, etc.m. into a fine ash that is easy to wipe away once the cleaning program has been completed.

Hot plates

Make cooking both easy and enjoyable with our range of flexible hobs. Get perfect results, whether it's a two-person meal or a dinner party for eight people - AEG's hobs are designed to suit your life. Make multitasking easy and take control of your tastes with an optimal combination of oven and hob, or update your kitchen and create restaurant-like menus at home.

Hobs - features

From dinner parties to everyday food- you can cook whatever dishes you like. Ideal for all your cookware, this hob produces impeccable results with consistent, even heat. Customize your cooking section and connect up to 4 cooking zones to make the most of the available space. FlexiBridge enables the use of both large pots and pans or many smaller preparations at the same time.

Be sure to master any dish with the SensePro® cooking thermometer. The wireless thermometer measures the exact temperature and sends the information to the hob. The cooking thermometer measures and keeps a precise temperature when cooking with sous vide - for professional results.

When you're busy creating your masterpiece, our hands-free hoods are made to keep your kitchen clean and fresh. The Hob2Hood feature automatically turns on the hood as soon as the hob is switched on. The absorbency of the hood also automatically reacts to any preparation on the hob. A powerful motor in the hood removes steam and em as soon as it occurs.


Thanks to a high performance extractor hood, you can enjoy a clean, fresh air as soon as you finish cooking. Intelligent filtration causes fat not to accumulate in the mechanism, making the hood easier to clean and bad smell filtered away completely without any problems. Details that make the difference - every day.

Hoods Features

Cook, fry or grate completely without touching your extractor with a Hob2Hood hob – the hood is automatically activated and the suction strength is adjusted to the current preparation.

The suction strength is lowered to a minimum when you finish cooking.

Silence tech
Create the perfect atmosphere for preparing your dishes with Silence Tech - a quiet way to cook.


Energy-friendly, powerful and with intelligent features - AEG dishwashers make washing cleaner and everyday life easier.

Dishes - functions

Quickselect with wi-fi
The QuickSelect and Wi-Fi dishwasher enriches your kitchen experience by providing you with a single step-by-step maintenance guide, which is sent directly to your smartphone via the My AEG Kitchen App. Keep your dishwasher running the very best.

ComfortLift dishwasher is the first of its kind. A smart and gentle lifting mechanism raises the lower basket up to height. The feature makes it much more comfortable both to fill and empty the dishwasher, as you no longer have to bend down. ComfortRails also lets you easily push the basket back into place without clinking plates.

With the MaxiFlex drawer there is room for cutlery and cookware in many different sizes and shapes. Flexible partitions and optimized depth mean you can place things in the drawer the way you want.


We have a large range of fridges, so there is one cupboard for any kitchen room - whether it's a small fridge, a double fridge or bigger still - the flexibility is entirely up to you.

Refrigerator - features

Leave your fridge as flexible as you need it to be - each thing has its own space in the CustomFlex® fridge. You can tailor a unique storage system just as you prefer, with drawers and trays that can be easily reorganized for optimal storage and easy access.

Choose a fridge/freezer that keeps your groceries fresh for longer and retains both colour and taste. Our refrigerator/freezer with TwinTech® technology uses a dual cooling system to ensure that humidity and temperature levels are always ideal for both the refrigerator and the freezer.

Cooling 360°
COOLING 360° has an advanced air circulation. The specially designed system sends the air around every nook and cranny of the cabinet. The back is made of real stainless steel and gives both an elegant design and cools faster after the refrigerator door has been open.

Compact range

With our range of compact products, you can design your kitchen room with greater flexibility. All products have a wide range of features combined with high performance.

Compact Selection Features

Combiquick Oven
Combine the power of the grill and the efficiency of the microwave with 'Fast Cooking'. Melt the mozzarellatoppet toasts or harden the sugar lid of your crème brûlée in the microwave. Versatile cooking, mastered.

Your home barista. Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee at your home with an Electrolux coffee maker. Easily brew everything from espresso to cappuccino - just set your choice of coffee and the machine turns the rest into barista perfection.

Built-in microwave
Combining this built-in microwave with a traditional oven gives you an even wider range of cooking options in your kitchen. In addition to the normal oven functions such as over/underheating, you can also gently heat liquid without taking up any space on the hob, and you can speed up cooking by pre-cooking dishes or thawing meat and fish.

Matt black

Combine the best of functionalities and perfecting with the aesthetic matte black design. A design available in a wide range of products that allows you to align your entire kitchen with innovative, technological performance and a beautiful quality design.

A 'smart' home

'Smart' products enhance the experience and enjoyment of your everyday tasks. The result is fresher, cleaner and more tasteful - with less effort. Explore our 'smart' connected products - for a 'smarter' home.

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