Uncompromising quality and design.

Bosch appliances

Bosch appliances are synonymous with quality, leading technologies and reliability. Through several generations, Bosch appliances have made life easier. They ease the workload. They quicken the mundane tasks. Simply put, appliances from Bosch gives us back time to do what gives us quality of life. Welcome to a product overview - with quality in the smallest detail.

Offer in 100 days - 100% satisfied.

In 100 days, you can get to know your new Bosch product well. We want to make sure that you are satisfied, otherwise you can return the product. Register your new Bosch product within two weeks of the purchase date and you'll have 100 days to find out at home if you're 100% satisfied.

Easy way to perfect results

Bosch produces durable products with optimal performance that always meets actual needs. The result is always a high quality that makes everyday life a little simpler and comfortable. We are simplifying the complexities. It's time-consuming, we make it go faster. We make the hard part easier.

As a consumer, you can rely on Bosch to live up to, or even exceed, your expectations. Bosch gives you quality you can trust.

Our products stand to the test

We always welcome testing of our products. When an institute tests our products, they are really allowed to show what they are capable of. And we get proof of the quality of the products.

Easy installation, uncompromising quality

Bosch incorporation products

Built-in stoves are installed under the kitchen table and can control the hob above. Incorporation stoves, on the other hand, can be integrated into both high and sub-cabinets. If you choose a separate oven, you can place the hob where it suits you. If space is limited, choose a model of just 45 cm in height. Whichever one you choose, the result will always be perfect.

Smart for the busy

Bosch microwave ovens

A Bosch microwave is ideal for those who want to save time and energy when cooking and baking.Small portions are faster and economical to heat in a microwave. And frozen food dries up in a few minutes instead of several hours.

Plenty of space for your food

One of our best ideas

The décor in our refrigerators and freezers gives a clear overview and makes them easy to fill and empty. Even a tall pot or a large Christmas duck finds space, thanks to the flexible shelf levels. A shared glass shelf allows you to remove the entire shelf or just part of it. The shelves are easy to reach, and because they can be pulled out, it is easier to refrigerate the food.

It's easier to live healthy with vitafresh

With VitaFresh, vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables keep themselves fresh up to 3 times as long compared to storage in an ordinary vegetable drawer. It is ideal for those who would rather socialise at home than go shopping all the time.

Looking for the new technology to keep your refrigerated goods fresh? Then you've come to the right place

We have developed energy efficient technology, flexible interior design, easy overview and innovative systems to keep food fresh. Then you can just focus on the lovely food.

Functional and timeless design, easy installation

Our hobs

A separate hob can be installed independently of the oven. For example, you can install the oven in a cooking island or in a high cabinet. You can also choose one of our Domino's cooking sections in the widths of 30-40 cm, such as teppanyaki for Japanese cooking, or the wok burner for Asian cuisine.

A fresh breeze in the kitchen

Bosch has a large selection of efficient hoods that fill the kitchen with clean air, instead of mados. We've also isolated them and muffled the sound so you can barely hear them.

Bosch. A dishwasher for any kitchen

We don't know what your kitchen looks like, but we can guarantee that a Bosch dishwasher meets your expectations and fits anywhere.