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EICO Cooker Hoods and Appliances

EICO is a supplier of appliances and a leader in range hoods. With us, you will find products from some of the world's leading manufacturers, backed by the market's best know-how and service. We have roots in the kitchen industry and more than 36 years of experience - this means that we know more about the subject than most, and that we can guide you to the right choice at any time. EICO has long been known for their cooker hoods, and their "Silent perfection"-goal is a welcome addition to most kitchens. Browse our catalog here.

Hoods are knowledge items

Factors such as design, materials, suction capacity, energy consumption, noise level and price are obviously taken into account, but also installation, extraction, etc. are relevant when choosing extractor hood. At EICO, we know more about hoods than most, and of course that knowledge benefits you.

Silent perfection

Faber is an Italian manufacturer of hoods that has been engaged in ventilation for more than 60 years. These are not just functional kitchen utensils but aesthetic design products that refine the kitchen's expression. 

Faber is today the world's second largest manufacturer of hoods.

Italian traditions with elica

Italian traditions of good craftsmanship combined with a sense of innovative design make ELICA hoods special. Since its inception in the 1970s, the Italian manufacturer has revolutionised the market – with cutting-edge technology, respect for detail and a quality that simply is not getting much better.

All this has made ELICA what they are today - the world's largest extractor manufacturer.

Wireless connection

Eicolink is an integrated combination system with wireless connection between hob and extractor hood. The system acts as a remote control in the hob that can operate the hoods bearing the Eicolink logo.

At your service

Also on the service front we are stronger than most. It means a lot to us that we can give you an experience out of the ordinary and that we live up to your expectations – perhaps even exceeding them. If you have problems with one of our products, we will not eat you off with panic solutions and bad excuses. Instead, we follow the case to the door with one of our employees, who helps find a solution to the problem. That, we think, rhymes with really good service.