For better living. Designed in Sweden.


With the roots of our Swedish values and a sustainable relationship with nature, we design with a clear purpose. We are doing everything we can to nurture our planet for future generations. We don't just create taste experiences, take care of clothes and maintain a comfortable home. We also help people live better so they can explore more.


With the help of our ovens, you can be sure that you get perfect results, every time. Thanks to the built-in cooking thermometer, steam and several cooking aids functions, you can sit back and let the oven do the work for you. Let your creativity flow and test recipes you haven't dared to try before and master them time after time.

Oven - functions


With our ovens you can be sure to always achieve the best possible results. With the help of steam, you can relax and let the oven do the work

Cooking aid

The cooking aid function is like a helping hand in the kitchen. Choose which food to cook and the oven will set the right program and time for you u2012 with faster preheating. You set it to your liking.

Pyrolytic cleaning

Pyrolytic cleaning gives you the ultimate in self-cleaning furnaces and takes efficiency and convenience to a whole new level. The oven is heated to a very high temperature so that residues turn into ash and easy to wipe.


Electrolux induction hobs are your most responsive and reliable partner in the kitchen. The induction technology is safe and easy to clean and provides immediate response when it detects your pan on the hob. It heats up faster than other hobs, which allows you to cook faster.

Stovetops - functions


Choose from three cooking layouts with the FlexiBridge® feature. A special induction area with four segments where you can choose to connect up to four zones, and offer one of the large cooking areas exceptional, uniform heat distribution.


Easy to cook with precision. With the wireless cooking thermometer, you get professional results at home. The cooking thermometer measures the internal temperature of the food accurately and communicates with the hob for best results. Since specific temperatures can be maintained, one can cook with sous-vide on the hob.


The Hob2Hood function wirelessly connects your hob to your kitchen hood. Start cooking and the fan will automatically adjust the settings, providing the best extraction based on the selected power on the hob.


Welcome guests into a fresh kitchen without steam and olympics. Our kitchen hoods range from elegant to refined models that complement the kitchen environment with beautiful design.

Fans - functions


The Hob2Hood function wirelessly connects your hob to your kitchen hood. Start cooking and the fan will automatically adjust the settings, providing the best extraction based on the selected power on the hob. It does the hard work so that you – and your hands – can focus on cooking.


It's no longer a problem to talk when you're sitting down to eat with family and friends. Activate the feature at the touch of a button when you're done cooking, and it quietly refreshes the air for ten minutes. For a fresh kitchen, without noise.


The SilenceTech fan pulls out the food chaos from the kitchen very quietly, even at maximum power. Our advanced technology means you can focus on creating delicious dishes in a calm and clean environment.


Washing dishes should be your last problem in the kitchen. An Electrolux dishwasher can do the job for you with superior performance and shiny clean results, every time.

Dishwashers - functions


Quickselect makes it easy to choose a custom disk program. Select program time with the slider and add selectable treatments with just one tap it's never been easier. Then you can relax and leave the rest to the machine.


Our unique comfortlift® feature means you no longer have to bend down to empty or tuck into the dishwasher. With a light tap on the handle, the lower basket gently slides up to you. It's the world's first, for your comfort.

Maxiflex box

The Maxiflex box is designed for cutlery and kitchen utensils of various shapes and sizes. Whether large or unwieldy, the customizable parts and deep box make sure everything fits easily.


Our flexible range of refrigerators means there's one for every cooling compartment, whether it's a small fridge, a double fridge or something bigger.

Refrigerators - features


Discover maximum flexibility thanks to the customizable customflex® refrigerator. The unique storage system can be adapted to your needs, with drawers and racks that are easy to rearrange for optimal storage and easy access.


Imagine a fridge-freezer that keeps foods fresh longer and preserves the flavors longer. Our twintech® technology uses a dual cooling system to ensure that all foods are stored at just the right temperature and humidity level. The humidity in the fridge is checked for maximum freshness while the air in the freezer is dry to avoid frost formation.

Cooling 360°

With cooling 360° refrigerator, the air circulation reaches all corners. Optimally placed air vents allow all corners of the refrigerator to be cooled. The genuine stainless steel back is both stylish and functional and provides fast temperature reset after opening. The products are kept fresh and lock in nature's most subtle flavors.

Range of compact products

Our range of compact products gives you more choice when designing the kitchen, through modular units and many different features that you combine for best results.

Range of compact products - features

Compact oven combiquick®

Combiquick allows you to cook twice as fast as standard ovens. All without impairing the taste. If you combine normal oven function with grill and microwave, you can serve wonderful meals no matter how much time you have.


Be your own barista at home. You can enjoy good coffee in your own home with electrolux coffee machine. It makes everything from espresso to cappuccino ‒ just choose which coffee you want and the machine will fix the rest like a real barista.

Built-in microwave oven

Our built-in microwave ovens simplify everyday cooking and because they are built-in, they free up valuable space for other activities in your kitchen. Our built-in microwave oven is efficient, elegant and discreet.

Matte black

Combine the best in functionality and sophistication with matte black design. The color is available for several appliances, allowing you to keep a uniform style throughout the kitchen with innovative technical features and a stylish premium design.

A home with smart connections

Smart devices make your everyday tasks easier and more comfortable. The result is fresher, cleaner and more appealing – and also simpler. Discover our connected devices – for a smarter home effortlessly.