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Wine lovers have very strict requirements for storing wine. Some love being able to enjoy the wine here and now, while others want to save their favorite wine for just the right event, and some want a combination. Liebherr offers premium wine refrigerators, which guarantee the perfect storage temperature - regardless of your requirements.

The detail that completes the design

Complete your kitchen with a Liebherr wine refrigerator. Let the kitchen installer saw a hole in the kitchen front and install either an aluminium, matte black, brass or copper colored frame, then the wine cabinet is an integral part of the kitchen.


Wine is best aged in the dark, and with Liebherr's UV protective glass, you can now enjoy the sight of your good wines without them being harmed by direct sunlight.

Sound level

Liebherr are the best on the market to reduce the sound level in their wine cabinets. You won't even find that your wine cabinet runs in your kitchen room.


Several models are equipped with this delicious engine opening. Press the glass and the door goes up. With a grip-free kitchen, it fits perfectly.

Climate + carbon filter

Liebherr's climate control ensures ideal conditions for the cork that keeps the wine protected. The built-in carbon filter ensures that the air quality is top notch so that the wine keeps its taste.