Neff is one of the world's leaders in kitchen technology.


Since its inception in the southern German city of Bretten in 1877, NEFF has equipped homes where cooking is central. Where the kitchen is for inventing and developing new dishes, assisted by solid German quality. NEFF is for those who want to lift their cooking to a higher level, but beware. You might spend a bit more time in the kitchen with your new NEFF appliances.

5-year warranty

We want you to feel extra safe when choosing NEFF for the new kitchen. Therefore, you get a 5-year warranty on your appliances from NEFF. To obtain the warranty, the purchase must be made after 1 April 2021. Read all about terms and conditions here:

Læs mere her
Get closer to your cooking. The world's only oven door that disappears when you open it.


Don't let anything get between you and a successful dinner. The door disappears under the oven, giving more space in your kitchen. Slide&Hide is standard on all large ovens from NEFF. Can be combined with everything from pyrolytic self-cleaning to steam.

Full control of your cooking section – with a single button

With the twistpad® fire magnetic one button feature, you operate all cooking zones easily and comfortably. In everyday life, it is a faithful servant, and the big topic of conversation when you have guests in the kitchen.

More freedom when planning a kitchen

NEFF's cooking section with integrated extractor hood fits perfectly in the cooking island. The automatic extractor hood is easy to clean. The grease filters can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

"Keeps the ingredients fresh up to three times as long"

The FreshSafe® drawers store the food near 0°C with medium or high humidity, keeping everything fresh and maintaining nutritional values.

SoftClose hinges

Hinges with built-in dampers, close the door softly and gently. Perfect when you have your hands filled with raw materials. Closes automatically when the door is at an angle below 20°. SoftClose is standard on all Neff refrigeration products for installation.


Cook with steam
Whether you're cooking vegetables or baking bread, steam helps you with an optimal result. A crispy crust, juicy and tasteful inside.

Good prospects
The unique oven lighting allows you to look in at all levels of the oven. The LED lighting comes out all the way to the darkest corners.

Complete design
The ovens can be mounted directly over each other without distance and without a mid-shelf. An elegant stainless steel list goes down the sides of both ovens, causing them to merge into one impressive unit. There are also lists to neatly combine compact oven and heat drawer into a device, as shown in the photo.

Powerful hoods

Effectively captures the mados from the entire hob
Behind the glass, an air barrier is created that improves air flow, mados and steam can be effectively directed into the hood, no matter where on the hob food is cooked.

Sometimes it is extra important with effective removal of steam and mados. Neff's recirculating hoods with CleanAir filter remove up to 95% of the mados.

Chef 70°C


When cooking like a professional, you also need a dishwasher that can handle anything. With the Chef 70°C program, the most stubborn food residues in total are removed from cookware. Everything becomes shiny clean and dry.

Espresso for build, not just nice to look at

A good meal should be finished with a good cup of coffee. With OneTouch Function, with just a single keystroke, you can prepare the type of coffee you want. White you want twice as much of the good, you choose DoubleCup, two coffee drinks, a press of the key.