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Exclusivity, elegance and efficiency. Siemens applicances and kitchen elements meet the wishes of the modern consumer. Stylish design with smooth functionality. Browse our Siemens catalog here and choose between the most inspiring and aesthetic solutions that differ from the standard.

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Hood for mounting in the table top

Siemens glassdraftAir hood adds real eye-catcher in the kitchen around the cooking zones - the starting point for extraordinary moments. The new hoods Siemens glassdraftAir combines extraordinary design, high quality materials and excellent performance - perfect hoods for the open kitchen.

Intelligent cooking zones with a sense of perfection

Induction hob sections are the heart of the modern kitchen. Siemens freeInduction is a limitless induction cooking section with one large cooking zone. The cooking zone automatically detects the size and shape of the pan, and even remembers the temperature you set if you move it.


What would your kitchen look like if you did not have to cater for a cooker hood? Siemens inductionAir Plus induction hob with built-in cooker hood has been rated "Best in test" by the Consumer Council Think in December 2020.

IQ700 - Slow food, quick

Up to 50% shorter cooking time with varioSpeed in the new iQ700 installation ovens. The new iQ700 series from Siemens offers a range of innovative and exceptional features.

You can combine the products to perfection. The result is a kitchen that exudes elegance. And you get not only a nice design, but also innovative technology.

Roasting sensor plus - innovative frying thermometer

RoastingSensor Plus is a frying thermometer with 3 measuring points. It gives perfect result no matter what food, bread or cake you make. The thermometer can be used in oven, microwave and steam oven.

Variospeed - twice as fast

By combining the new innovative micro function varioSpeed with the standard oven functions, you reduce the cooking time by up to 50% - and still get the same good results.

Activeclean - the oven that cleans itself

The activeClean pyrolysis program makes the oven shiny clean. Residues turn to ash at high temperature. Afterwards, simply wipe the ashes away with a cloth. Chemicals are unnecessary.

Refrigerators - enjoy your food longer

Fresh ingredients are a prerequisite for good food. Siemens refrigerators have different freshness systems, which make it simple and flexible to keep food fresh. Therefore, you can always enjoy your food, no matter when you have had time to shop.

HyperFresh Premium - keeps food fresh for up to three times as long.


The food has three times as long a life in a zone in the refrigerator that constantly maintains 0.5 ° C. The zero zone is divided into three separate drawers.

A small drawer for nuts, cheese and eggs. A larger one for fish and meat. And a moisture-regulating drawer for fruit and vegetables.


Twice as fast washing and drying with varioSpeed. Why wait so long for clean and shiny dishes? With the Siemens varioSpeed Plus function, the washing time is reduced by up to 66%. And of course with brilliant results.

Top grade in drying ability


Zeolith® drying absorbs moisture and converts it into heat energy. The result is faster and more efficient drying with a lower energy consumption. Zeolith® drying also makes plastic dry better.

Siemens home connect
Betjen dine hvidevarer fra jobbet, motionscentret eller sofaen.

Siemens home connect

With new innovations, new opportunities arise. Now you can operate your new Siemens appliances with the Home Connect app, no matter where you are or what you do.

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