High quality and innovative solutions wrapped in a sleek design.


The stylish and elegant wine cabinets are available at several different heights and widths, enabling your dreams of a wine fridge. With multiple temperature zones, UV glass, vibration-dampened compressors and temperature alarm, your wines get perfect storage conditions and sufficient peace of mind for maturing and developing the vine's exquisite taste and aroma. A Witt wine cabinets are for you who enjoys going an extra mile to enjoy wine - and perhaps impress a guest or two.

Multiple temperature zones

Two temperature zones, which can be set individually between +5 and +20C on the touch panel, ensure optimal storage of different types of wines. You can also store ready-to-drink wine in one zone and wine for longer storage in the other.


Beautiful Nordic streamlined design with black glass, black handle and steel door. Fits in everywhere.


Several models can be used for both installation and as a freestanding cabinet. The simple plinth panel is easily removed so that your kitchen base can be continuous. Choose from two sizes for 50 and 151 burgundy bottles, respectively.

Temperature alarm

An alarm sounds if conditions suddenly change, such as a temperature increase. Your assurance that everything is as it should be.

Vibration dampened

Wines should never be exposed to vibrations from e.g. refrigerator, washer or dryer. A vibration-dampening compressor ensures that the wine is stored stable without tremors.