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CIMA light oak

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Are you looking for a partner with years of experience in delivering kitchens for individual or smaller projects? One that ensures that deliveries arrive on time? Since 1983, carpenters and builders have looked to us for quality kitchens for their customers.

Read on and learn how we can help you find a solution that will leave you with satisfied customers every time. 

Easy installation -- detailed instructions.

With our kitchens, you get a solution that is easy and quick to install - and where the finished result speaks for itself. To make installation even easier, we have our instructions available online. If you're more visual, you can watch our short video tutorials on your phone if you have any doubts mounting the kitchen.

Find our installation instructions as PDFs here.

What do our kitchens cost?

Prices vary from model to model, and choices of worktop and various elements have an effect on the final price. Get in touch and your personal B2B kitchen expert will take you through all the options so you can surprise your customers with how much cool Danish design they can have for the price.

VEDA Touch green

28 282,-

Kvik always delivers quality at the right time.

— Jørn Petter Tangen
Familiehus AS

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Read more about our history, values and get some facts about the business. We've been around since 1983 and we're not going anywhere.

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