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MILK -- building blocks for a wardrobe.

Milk is Danish design in its most unpretentious form and so open minded it is an obvious candidate for a loyal roommate to your child. It will give you plenty of room to keep all those toys neatly put away.


-- may not even look like a wardrobe.

A custom made wardrobe can change everything in the room where your teenagers hang out, doing whatever it is teenagers do. Change and creativity are demanding pursuits - so we suggest you design some solid frames for them in which to make just a little sense and perhaps organise some key concepts in life - like clean underwear, that ever-growing sneaker collection and the sweater knitted by aunt Ruth last Christmas.





-- un-classic Danish design.

Danish design is aesthetic beauty built out of functionality - and in our wardrobes a key functionality is that they are customisable. Milk is no exception. You can actually combine both wardrobe and clothes cabinets with modules and cabinets for kitchen, that are especially spacious - and form shapes that are as unclassical as the situation requires. Just to suit your teenagers need for her own space.

-- filled with intelligent solutions.

Inside Milk, you get to choose from the whole variety of KVIK organizer concepts like intelligent hanger-systems, sock trays - and even some construction details like hinges that make double doors possible.

MILK -- not just for your wardrobe.

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