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Diversity & Inclusion

Breaking stereotypes

-- gender distribution in manufacturing

Step into our production facilities in Vildbjerg and you'll realise that the traditionally male-dominated sector is close to being gender equal. Through various investments in automation and technology, we can ensure good ergonomics that don't limit physical performance.

We have made several investments in robots that do all the literal heavy lifting and hard labour in our factory and warehouse. Our employees don't need to be a certain height, weight or have a certain level of strength to do their daily work in our facilities. So whether it's 68-year-old Bjarne working on the new cabinet for your kitchen or 19-year-old Louise saving up for her dream trip during her gap year, you'll find that our facilities don't limit the average person's labour in our production or warehouse.

In Kvik we believe that working with and having focus on D&I not only is the right thing to do -- but also business critical for us to continue to grow.

— Allan Nørgaard, HR & Academy Director
Our commitment to

-- bridging the gap

We have an ambition to ensure that the gender distribution in management at Kvik A/S reflects the diversity and modernity of our company. Therefore, we actively work to increase the representation of underrepresented genders across all management levels. This way, we can have balanced teams with fresh perspectives, innovative ideas and better decision-making.

While we're proud that our manufacturing facilities break down barriers and foster an inclusive environment, we know we're far from our ideal performance when it comes to gender equality. We are significantly underrepresented when it comes to women in leadership positions. And that's something we're committed to changing.

Read more about our gender equality goals
We are a certified

– Great Place to Work ®

We don’t just sell kitchens, bathrooms, and wardrobes; we create an environment for innovation, collaboration, and growth. Our secret ingredient? A thriving company culture that celebrates our people and their unique contributions. In Kvik, you’re not just an employee; you’re part of our culture. We celebrate wins together, learn from setbacks, and grow together, so we can create a thriving company culture that strives to be a great place to work, in terms of employee satisfaction, equality and, of course, safety.

We systematically measure our performance through employee surveys and personal conversations because we believe in continuous improvement. We listen to our team, value their insights, and create a space where everyone’s voice matters. And as a result, we are a certified Great Place to Work®. But for us, it’s not just a certificate; it’s a commitment to excellence.

Be a part of our team

94% of the employees think this is a great place to work, all things considered.

— — Great Place to Work® 
We support

-- local community projects

Every year, KvikFunds supports various community initiatives. We set aside a pool of resources to support local charities and innovative ideas. We believe that there is much more to our company than just creating Danish design at surprisingly low prices. We have a strong ambition to actively contribute to and have a positive impact on the local community we are part of

Local organisations are the heartbeat of our communities. They understand the challenges and dreams of our community – because they are a part of it. Whether it's education, sports and health or social events, there are local heroes making a difference and making our communities strong - making our community strong. And that's something we value and support.   

Throughout the year, we've had the pleasure of supporting many meaningful projects - here are just a few: 

  • Legestuen Giraffen 
  • Dejbjerglund Efterskole 
  • New gear to four participants in the Danish Championship in Dressage