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Our Commitment to Workplace Safety

Our reporting app

-- ensuring a safer working environment

Reporting incidents and accidents is key to ensuring workplace safety. But the key word is reporting, and reporting takes time, investigations drag on, and the whole process can feel ineffective. Which is why we have developed a specialised app for incident reporting. Through the app's tools our employees can easily and effectively report incidents and accidents on any available device anywhere, anytime.  

Since we introduced the app, we've experienced a decrease in the time between when an incident occurred and the closing of the investigation. Through the data we report, we have been able to establish patterns and underlying causes behind our incidents and fix them so we can catch the incidents before they happen. It’s all about streamlining the process and ensuring a safer work environment. 

After getting this app, we have started to work in a much more structured way around safety and security.

— Dorthe Lind, Senior Assistant Production
Our robotic workflows ensure

-- safety at every turn

When you step into our factory or warehouse, you will see our automated robots going about their work. Over the years, we have made many investments in automated processes throughout our production and warehouse. This means less physical labour for our factory workers and more efficient production. And as a result, our employees are less likely to be part of unsafe working conditions. 

Collaboration with Aalborg University

-- providing comfort through ergonomics

Even though we try to automate as much as possible in our production and warehouse, we can't avoid lifting in our work. And we insist that lifting, wear and tear should be minimised and facilitated as much as possible. That is why in 2024 we started testing a new tool to be introduced in our daily work: exoskeletons.  

We see great potential in exoskeletons as they protect our workforce from wear and tear and overload by supporting shoulders, neck, back/lower back and even hands and legs. But we want to make sure we're doing it just right - which is why we've partnered with Aalborg University to test which exoskeleton is right for our employees and operations.

This way, we ensure that when our employees lift, they do so with less weight. When you work 8 hours a day, five days a week with physical labour, even the smallest relief can have a significant impact.