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Appliances are one of the most important decisions you make when you choose a new kitchen. We work with a select group of appliance brands to ensure that you have a great range of appliances to choose from. They all look great with our kitchens and they fit seamlessly into the style of your new kitchen. Plus, we prioritise good energy ratings, to be as easy on the environment and your electric bill as possible. 

Brands we are working with

  • 3 reasons to buy your appliances from us

  • — the perfect match!

    We carefully curate a collection of appliances that perfectly match your kitchen, no matter which design you choose.

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    12 345,-

  • — integrated appliances

    Our kitchen consultants are specialists at helping you choose appliances that integrate perfectly into the design of your new kitchen. Did you choose XL cabinets? Get an XL dishwasher that fits.

  • — we have the brands you're looking for

    We work closely with the leading brands, to ensure that the range of products we offer is precisely the ones you're looking for, at a price point you can afford.

Things you should consider before choosing appliances.

Placement of your appliances

Our kitchen experts help you design the perfect layout.

Energy label

We help you choose the most energy efficient appliances for your new kitchen.

BORDO blue

12 345,-

What are your needs?

It all comes down to how you'll use your kitchen - how big is your family? How do you cook? How much do you entertain?

Smart home

Looking for smart appliances? We'll help you choose the ones that are right for you.

Fully integrated in your kitchen

Looking for something special?

Coffee machines

Steam ovens