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Ash - a Northern hardwood

A natural blonde worktop

Ash has been at the heart of Danish design since it began. Its light colour and subtle grain patterns lend a timeless and clean aesthetic to the kitchen, seamlessly integrating with various design styles. Ash is celebrated for its durability as a hardwood, offering resistance to scratches and dents, making it well-suited for the demands of a busy kitchen environment. 

Its hardness ensures a robust and long-lasting surface that can withstand the rigours of daily use. Additionally, ash's versatility complements a range of cabinetry and decor choices, providing homeowners the flexibility to create a personalised and cohesive kitchen design. 


Ash is naturally light in hue, but the veins are beautiful even when treated with a dark-pigmented protective oil.

Because ash is a massive woodwork, any cut displays more of its beauty - and the material itself invites tailor-making details by our pro carpenters. 

Like all wooden worktops, ash limits the styles you can choose for sink and tap mounting in your new kitchen. Please talk to your local Kvik consultant, who'll happily fill you in on what can and can't be done. 




Kvik's ash worktops are made from FSC-certified wood and have the second-lowest CO2 footprint of all our worktops, mainly because they are highly recyclable and process transportation is limited.


Like all wooden worktops, daily cleaning is easy. However, wooden worktops need to be treated with oil to keep them looking fresh, usually x times a year. 

Ash can be resanded in case of surface damage.

White kitchen with built-in ovens and a solid wood countertop