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Ceramic - unrivalled elegance

The hi-tech worktop

Ceramic is a superior choice for a worktop. It is extremely hard-wearing, heat resistant, and so non-porose that almost no liquid can discolour it. 


Ceramics is extremely strong and durable as a worktop, even slimmer versions. Its hardness score is higher than steel's–so it's not messing around! It's beyond scratch-resistant as it is extremely difficult to cut, so it's perfect for a worktop that will give you zero stress. Whilst it has a great resistance to heat, we would not recommend testing its limits!                             


Ceramic has a stunning look and feels strong and powerful. Most of our customers who choose a ceramic workplate appreciate it for its almost diamondlike style and its superior performance. It comes in both a silk and a polished version. 

Ceramic worktops can be from 12 to 40 mm in thickness.

Edges - ?

Because of its hardness, the available edge profiles are limited. Most of the adapting to your specific measurements is possible, but not on the spot - they must be accurately measured by professionals and carried out prior to delivery

Structure - ?

Ceramic comes in both structured and polished surface finishes.

Available Colours

We have 12 colours to choose from, so if you're interested in ceramic, you're sure to find something that will fit your kitchen. 


Ceramic and other composite worktops in the Kvik selection represent the high end of the scale when it comes to CO2 footprint.

Although ceramic is made of natural sands and clay, it requires energy to produce and transport its heavy weight by truck. For this reason, it is part of a meticulous recycling and upcycling process.


Ceramic is easy to clean and keep looking as fresh as the day it was installed. Simply wipe down the surfaces daily, and you're good to go!