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* = what we mean when we say:

When we talk about our worktops's carbon footprint

we mean :

* = how many kg of CQ2 it represents, meassured from 'craddle to grave' meassured over the average lifetime of a kitchen worktop of today, which i 20 years ( Even thougn some materials may be known to often have a much longer lifespan i. e. oak)


Why do we tell you that?

Well, at Kvik we think it is obvious. That the global challenge is exactly that: global. It does not have a local solution. Sustainability is an end goal and to get there we will have walk a conscious path every day for a long time. One right step after another

At Kvik, we have chosen to be 100% CO2 neutral in our processes, but when it comes to worktops, that is not enough. You have to make choices - from our external suppliers

A chain of right choices

We have chosen not to call our products sustainable - and instead help you make choices, that are becoming more and more sustainable.


If you chose not to work with us, we hope that you at least choose a kitchen supplier that can help do just that