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Laminate - the worktop that started the kitchen revolution

Of course you know laminate

.. but lets just explain ithe basic build of laminate anyway: The centre of laminate is not solid wood but compressed chip board, that its laminated with several layers: one layer that gives it it's colour and sometimes structure, and on top that a melamine surface layer that protects again wear, moisture and heat. 

The material quality of any laminate worktop depends a lot of the number and the quality the of layers, as well as the composition of the central chip board. Generally explained, Kvik laminate is of higher quality than standard laminate sold at Home Depo's because of more layers, denser and more complex chipboards and better quality melamine. 

Beautiful and budget friendly

Surprisingly, people who love the laminate worktop solution usually choose  it for the design qualities rather than for the price. The reason is, that there are so many patterns and designs to be inspired by, and some look almost exactly like marple or granite. Laminate should not be considered a lesser choice - and it's pricing often makes it possinble for an extravagant or ambitious worktop layout.

Design perspectives and options

Laminate comes in thicknesses from 20 mm to 60 mm - so laminate can give the tabletop a really thick look.


Because the design is layered on to the worktop, the edges profile is most often the factory made profile - but cuts can to some extend be tailormade on the spot. The number of edge profiles is limited.


Laminate is often lightly texture, or sometimes smooth


The colours and design selection is plentiful, and opens for many contrasting or nuance blenidn effects with the rest of the room styling

Sustainability perspective

Kvik Laminate has the lowest carbon footprint* of all our worktop materials and is part of a meticulous recycle- and upcycle process.

* = read more about worktop co2 footprint

User perspective and options

Laminate is family friendly and simple to clean with a damp cloth - that can be entrusted all age groups. We advice to follow the directions of use at all times.