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How to use the Kvik Bath Designer

Our Kvik Bath Designer is the easy way to order standard-sized bath cabinets to give your bathroom a Danish design makeover. Of course, we still do made-to-measure solutions that fit your bath - just contact your nearest Kvik store if you need a special size for your space. But if you can use standard sizes, give our Kvik Bath Designer a try.

We created the Kvik Bath Designer to make it easy for you to order our bath designs in standard sizes, without having to book a meeting and have one of our consultants draw it up for you. You still get timeless Danish design and you can still choose from our designs, colours and handles - all in standard sizes. And we send it home to you or to your nearest Kvik store, if that's what you choose. 

And while 7 steps may seem like a lot - we take you easily and quickly through all the steps necessary to design your new bathroom furniture. 

Step 1

Choose your design

The first step is to choose the design you like. You can click around to see all the designs and then choose the one you like. 

Step 2

Choose your colour

The next step is to choose the colour you want. Not every design has multiple colour options, so if you don't see a colour option, it means your design only comes in one colour. 

Step 3

Choose the size

What size does your cabinet need to be? Step three is where you choose from among the standard sizes for your chosen design.

Step 4

Drawers or doors?

Now it's time to choose whether you'd like to have drawers or doors. Drawers cost a little bit more, so this step affects the final price of your new bathroom furniture.

Step 5

Choose your handles

If the design you've chosen uses a handle, it's now that you make your choice. Some of our designs have integrated handles, so you'll skip this step.

Step six

One sink or two?

Now it's time to choose your sink. Does your space need one sink or two for those busy mornings? If you've chosen one of the smaller standard measurements, you will only be able to choose one sink. 

Step 7

Which tap do you like?

Last, but not least, choose from our selection of taps to complete the look of your bath.