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Waste management

Our collaboration with Stena Recycling

Proper recycling requires knowledge

We create beautiful, timeless, and durable Danish design with a variety of quality materials. As much as we would like to avoid it, our production operations result in waste in various categories. But we have an ambition to lower the impact of our production. That’s why we work with Stena Recycling, a leader in recycling and resource management, to turn our waste into new possibilities.

Someone's waste is another's resource

With Stena Recycling, we have improved our waste management significantly. In 2023, we used almost half of our waste (46.9%) to generate heat for our facilities, saving both energy and money through waste-to-energy practices.   

We also recycled another 46.25% of our waste, sorting it into 32 categories to ensure the best possible reuse. We believe that someone's waste is another's resource, which is why we are committed to recycle as much waste as possible in our production and warehouse facilities. We made it easy and convenient for our employees to sort the waste at the source, increasing our recycling rates and reducing our costs.  

Through knowledge we can lower our impact

We are not perfect, but we are always striving to do better. We still have some waste that we cannot recycle or use for other purposes, but we are committed to lowering this percentage. Our disposal rate has been reduced from 25.89% in 2022 to 5.28% in 2023. And we have strong ambitions to lower it even further.  

With the extensive expertise and knowledge of Stena Recycling, we have the right partner to find and develop new innovative solutions to help us further reduce our impact. With Stena Recycling and our dedicated employees, we can ensure that our waste is handled not only correctly, but transparently. This way, we can proudly say that most of our waste is not wasted, but transformed into valuable resources.