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Front colors

NOLIAM — natural born elegance.

In your morning drama, Noliam is perfectly cast for a supporting role – carrying perhaps a solid sink or just giving a bright contrast to sombre nuances on walls and floors. On the inside Noliam opens up to so much depth and has real organisational talents - all your daily accessories, hairdryer or other toiletries are right there, in their place waiting to make you shine in front of the mirror.


NOLIAM— brilliant in a bathroom scene.

Even if you only offer it a small role to play in a small setting, Noliam's minimalism will give a stunningly bright performance — leaving space to the other players in your bathroom. And while it used to only be available in white, we've now added both arizona beige and wood to its repertoire. 

NOLIAM — straight face and no handles.

Noliam is an example of Danish design that is straight and direct: The integrated handle is top priority, and it gives your hand a firm grip and access to the inside. This handle forms a broad line and a solid stylishness to the look, that you can play with in the rest of your bathroom design.

NOLIAM white

12 345,-

NOLIAM — ready for a leading role.

Noliam is a minimalistic design and it's also built entirely of wood from sustainable forestry, plus it's foiled in durable recycled PET.

A single bathroom cabinet is not all of Noliam's repertoire in your bathroom. You could easily complete your Noliam bathroom with for example cabinet for towels. If you visit our showroom, you can get an overview based on your specific ideas.

If you consider Noliam for your kitchen as well as your bathroom you will add a surprisingly elegant feel to the entire design of your home – at an even more surprisingly low price.

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