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Hard and truly unique

Granite is a slice of a mountain. It is one of the hardest naturally occuring stones that isn't a jewel, and for that reason it is extremelye scatch resisant and strong.


Granite can support any appliance in the Kvik selection and will last a lifetime. It is import to note that granite is nature made and this does mean that its surface is not 100% closed

its so hard that it can not be fitted on the spot, although in can be shaped  in general as you would like


Granite customers generally appreciate its visually dominating effect it the style - and love it so much they are willing to take responsibility for keeping its beauty. Because it is hard to cut, taliolrmaking details cannot be improvised on the spot, but needs to made prior to delivery. Edge profile selection is limited, but sink taps, cooking hobs and vents can be mounted. Since each woktop is a naturally cut slab the promised nuances cannot always be met.

Granite worktops comes in 20 and 30 mm thickness. can be from 12 to 40 mm in thickness. 



Because of it's hardnes the available edge profiles are limited. Most of the adapting to your specific measurements are possible, but not ont the spot - they must be accurately measured by professionals and carried out prior to delivery


Granite comes in polished, satin or matt  surface finihs.


The colours and design selection is limited. 

Sustainability perspective

Granite represents the high end of the scale when it comes to carbon foodprint*. Although a natural, non fosile material  it is requires energy in the quarry,the cutting and the transportation process. 

* = read more about worktop co2 footprint

User perspective and options

Granite's hardness makes it durable. Note that granite needs to be sealed regularly with a special oil to avoid moisture to be absorbed - and a specific attention when it comes to acids like lemon juice or hard calcious water.