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Choosing the Perfect Spot for Your Wine Fridge in Your Kitchen

A modern wine refrigerator is a must-have for a contemporary home and the right installation is key for easy access and for keeping your wine collection in the very best condition. There are a number of factors that you should take into consideration, from whether to go with a freestanding fridge or built-in model to finding the ideal place to store your new appliance. We cover the basics.

Under the counter

One of the most popular and space-saving options is under the counter. If you have a kitchen island or a spare set of kitchen cabinets, consider integrating your wine cooler here. It not only saves floor space but also keeps your wine bottles conveniently within arm's reach while you're preparing meals or entertaining guests. 

In the pantry or utility room

If you're lucky enough to have a walk-in pantry or utility room, consider dedicating a corner to your wine fridge. Pantries are excellent for long-term storage because they tend to be cool, dark, and less exposed to temperature fluctuations. They are also a great option for a freestanding wine fridge - just make sure it fits snugly into the space, leaving enough room for necessary ventilation.

If you decide to use your utility room, make sure your fridge is not sharing a space with too many heat-generating appliances like washing machines which can severely impact the optimum temperature and ventilation.

As a part of your kitchen cabinets

If you're aiming for a seamless, built-in look, consider an integrated model that allows your wine fridge to blend into your kitchen cabinets. This option can give your kitchen space a polished and modern appearance while keeping your wine perfectly chilled. Prefer to keep things hidden away? Have a built-in wine fridge that can be hidden by a door that looks just like another one of your units.

Freestanding wine fridge in a nook

Do you have an empty nook or corner in the kitchen or dining room that's begging for a purpose? Here’s one for the wine enthusiasts: transform it into a wine nook. Place your freestanding wine cooler there and decorate the surrounding area with some glassware, decanters or even a small wine rack for extra flair. It does require a little bit of extra available floor space but makes a lovely home bar area that is just perfect for entertaining friends. 

Where to avoid placing your fridge

UV rays can cause a lot of damage to wine so avoid positioning your wine fridge too close to windows or doors that let in direct sunlight. If your kitchen space is naturally light and sunny, consider a wine cooler with UV-resistant glass. 

What's more, try to avoid situating your wine fridge next to other appliances in your kitchen like an oven or freezer. They give off a lot of heat and may impact your new wine fridge’s ability to maintain an ambient temperature.

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Ultimately, the best spot for wine coolers or wine fridges in your kitchen depends on your home's layout, your personal preferences, and your lifestyle. Whether you choose to tuck it under the counter, integrate it into your cabinetry, or turn it into a statement piece in your living area, the most important thing is to find a spot that makes sense for your lifestyle. Want some more tailored advice –- reach out to one of our consultants for information on the most up-to-date models and where they can best sit in your home.