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Organise your storage - and make your kitchen shine

You must have tried it - that powerful feeling of standing in a kitchen where everything is so well organised, the kitchen almost speaks to you, telling you to start cooking that scrumptious dinner - in less than 10 minutes.

Some of that comes naturally with Danish design, because it is always focussed on functionality and integrated solutions right where you need them the most.

But still, planning your dream kitchen means organising it to your family's household size, kitchen activity - room layout. 

Of course, you can always get expert help form one of our Kvik kitchen consultants, but to feed your inspiration motor, let's take a look the main principles and some fundamental kitchen science and perhaps some organisation inspiration.

Trust your organising to the 5 work zones

It is surprisingly easy to follow your visual inspiration when you plan your project in a Kvik showroom - but actually we suggest to follow a bit of science too. At Kvik we conducted at scientific study on 500 families, mapping their moves and activities in their kitchen. The main result is the 5 work zones, and we really recommend reading about them. They guide you through so many interesting details about the elements needed for a well-organised kitchen. But here is a quick summary:

The organising principle

All kitchens - big and small - are full of life and work. Social life of almost all types and mainly one type of work: kitchen work. Social life tends to spread and occupy everything, but kitchen work has a natural progression; a process that goes through 5 stages. In an ordinary kitchen this creates stress at breakfast, lunch and dinner - but the well-organised kitchen balances the two sides by dedicating 5 workstations or zones to one stage each. The work zones don't interfere with each other and the result  -  say dinner - is secured, and the rest of the room is freed for social life. And that - is the sociable kitchen.

Build sustainable habits -

- while your kitchen plans are still fresh

With your new Kvik kitchen, you have a unique opportunity to organise your the trash management for the exact priority it needs, so that sorting and emptying of trash is both effortless and hassle free - and ready to support the sustainability initiatives in your local area.

Sorting is for everyone

Every one of the 5 work processes in the kitchen can generate trash - and sorting is only effective when it is easy. So we suggest the kitchen has one sorting point, that is both well equipped for multiple trash categories and is placed within easy access for all - perhaps between main trash contributors: the sink/rinsing zone and the chopping zone.

You can see all of Kvik's trash systems here and get more inspiration in our guide to trash sorting in your kitchen. 

- with systems that say goodbye in a nice way

Trash sorting like a pro

..means having optimal space for each category of trash. Kvik's modular trash system lets you organise your drawer like a recycle station.

RecCollector - integrated and discrete

...and an elegant way to escort your trash all the way to container in courtyard

Dedicated cabinet to trash

Trash systems can be integrate in sink cabinets or have a dedicated cabinet to them selves - to suit your needs.

Organising means giving things a nice home

It matters where you store things, because you want them close to the processes you use them for. But it also matters how you store them - the way the storage looks, and the way it pleases your eyes each time you reach to fetch or return your favourite item. Choose cabinets you and your family like, that invites you to open them - and they will integrate beautifully into your everyday life.

"Odd storage" - but you give it fashionable home

"Pantry" may sound a bit old-fashioned - but even modern families will have many items and groceries that fall in between normal storage categories: Not for the fridge nor freezer, not for the spice shelf or a cupboard. A pantry is a perfect and spacious solution, and it is possible to build one in a number of kitchen designs - with the help form a one of our Kvik kitchen consultants. 

Keep your powder dry and your spices close

Organise you kitchen to suit your personal lifestyle. Exactly which style is up to you, but this Tandem Pull-out system is an example of how we can upgrade your 'cooking work zone' with an armoury of taste weaponry.

So when the recipe says "season to taste" - you don't have to settle for salt and pepper. Choose from all your favourite condiments and seasoning - in the heat of the moment - and then pop it back in its place.

XXL lets you organise for the future

One thing is certain - your household will develop over the full life span of your new kitchen. And since it is impossible to predict that development, your storage strategy needs to be prepared.

Organise your kitchen for the next 20 years

Storage gets a whole new dimension if you choose to go XXL with your new kitchen. You can have drawers so roomy, they have drawers inside them - so it is really your imagination and your future family needs that sets the limits of what you can use them for. There is more to read about the XXL design concept here.

Kitchen storage  - a forgotten art

An intelligent plan for kitchen storage leaves you with several questions

  • Long term vs short term storage needs
  • Dry foods vs fresh produce
  • Pots and pans vs take away or a microwave

There are no rules of what a family your size will be storing in the kitchen - but clearly it depends on the cooking habits and kitchen dreams you have. Some food styles depend heavily on fresh, perhaps organic produce, others need to store a month of rices or grains. Some families shop big and keep stock, others follow today's inspiration.

Storing vs storing away

You can be sure, that with a Kvik kitchen, every cubic centimetre that is not used for appliances can be used for storing. But in general, the kitchen is too busy a place to store supplies away long term. Your stored items should be available to you in an instant. The days of forgotten pots in the back of old cabinets should be long gone

We suggest, you plan by looking at your preferences of today, but think a head. For this reason, Kvik kitchens are spacious and modular on the inside to meet your future needs. 

Every inch of space can be storage

Release the vertical potential

and kep it free from kitchen fumes

Keep all storage relevant

- let even the deepest corner work for dinner

Keep storage accesible

You really don't need shelves on walls

Optimise drawer storage

...by choosing the organiser that suits you today - and reorganise it next year!