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Grey kitchen design guide

The grey colours and shades are in fashion. The grey kitchen isn't just a compromise for those who can't choose between white and black, it's a style choice on its own. And shades of grey can do things no other colour can do.

Grey gives you a neutral and subdued look that hides fingerprints and smudges. Plus, it highlights and enhances the contrasts you have chosen to have in your kitchen. It's the perfect backdrop for splashes of colour from colourful tiles or that red Kitchen Aid you've been eyeing. 

Let's explore some of the ways that shades of grey can be the perfect choice for your kitchen.

Stylish and minimalistic

A kitchen in grey can be raw and unsweetened, or it can be stylish and minimalist with light dove grey soft tones. It's just about what elements you put together. For example, use a light grey base colour and choose contrasting shades for other elements like your worktop and handles.

Grey kitchen with gentle contrasts

With white and grey in your kitchen, you get a gentler contrast than, for example, white against black. This gives your kitchen a softer look.

Throughout the kitchen, you have the opportunity to add contrasts, whether it is in your choice of kitchen elements, like worktop, sink, the finish of the doors, the kitchen handles or the tap.

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Black kitchen with kitchen island and colored black fronts

Create contrasts with worktops

The worktop is one of the elements that can radically change your kitchen. For example, you can create contrasts between light gray doors and a dark worktop, where light against light gives a gentler expression that makes the eyes relax.

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Get a grip

The right handle is not only a complement to your doors, they complete your kitchen. If you dream of a romantic and grey country kitchen, light or dark knobs can add the finishing touch, whereas doors with integrated handles give you a minimalist grey kitchen.

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