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Bathroom cleaning - get good advice here

So you're dreaming of a new bathroom? How you're going to clean it may not be top of mind, but it's something worth considering. The bathroom furniture, sink and surfaces you choose can have a big impact on that weekly cleaning chore. If cleaning isn't your favourite activity, you can choose bathroom decor that makes daily cleaning a breeze and saves you a whole lot of elbow grease.

Think about cleaning when decorating your new bathroom

Our bathroom furniture is produced to withstand the wet room environment, it's easy to clean and stays neat and functional for many years. You can even help extend the durability of your bathroom furniture and ensure that your bathroom stays clean and shiny year after year. Read on for good advice for optimal cleaning and maintenance of your bathroom.

Proper cleaning extends the life of your bathroom

Whether your bathroom is brand new or a bit vintage, if you prioritise proper cleaning and care, it makes a big difference to both the look and the durability. It does not have to take a long time or be cumbersome. Get the right cleaning and care products, and clean your bathroom regularly - we recommend at least once a week.

Tips for keeping things tidy

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All the cleaning products you need

We've launched a care and maintenance box, so it is easy for you to keep your sink clean. The box contains care products for daily cleaning, deep cleaning, a de-scaler product and a sealer that you apply to the sink after deep cleaningr. The sealer puts a protective and invisible layer on the sink that makes it extra resistant to water, lime and dirt. In the box you will also find a detailed user manual. You can buy the care and maintenance box at your local Kvik store.