Make the most of the space in your small bathroom.

It can be difficult to decorate your small bathroom so that you have both space for everything you need and still have those personal touches. But, with the right bathroom furniture, you can make the most of your small space. And it doesn't have to cost a fortune.

Take advantage of the space you have.

The smaller the bathroom, the more creative you need to be to find space for the things you can't do without. We recommend compact, wall-mounted bathroom furniture with built-in sink and clean, white surfaces that are easy to keep clean. In this way, you make optimal use of the "wasted space" under the sink.

If you can, choose a slightly wider bathroom cabinet with storage space next to the sink, so you have a natural place for hand soap and toothbrushes and maybe even one of those plants that seemed to multiply over the past couple of years.

— Tip 1 -- drawers and cabinets.

Divide drawers and cabinets with beautiful and functional inserts to make full use of the space.

— Tip 2 -- accessories.

Highlight your style with beautiful baskets and jars, which you can also use for essentials like cotton swabs, soap, toothbrushes or toilet paper.

— Tip 3 -- keep it simple.

Keep the small bathroom simple and without too many items that take up space and make it seem crowded.

Colours that create a sense of space

You can do a lot by decorating your small bathroom in light colours. This opens things up and gives a light and spacious look. Bright, clean white is obvious, but you can also paint the walls with another light or natural shade, to make the most of light and to make it feel more spacious. 

Mirror, mirror on the wall.

Nothing tricks the eye as much as mirrors when the purpose is to make a room appear larger. Hang a large mirror over the sink - preferably from wall to wall, if possible - and you will immediately feel the difference. In addition to making the room seem larger, a large mirror also has the advantage that more people can use it at the same time.

Your choice of mirror can also be used to give your bathroom a personal touch. Should the mirror be square or round? With small decorations? With a frame or completely minimalist? You can also choose a smart mirrored cabinet, which provides extra storage space in a small bathroom - for your toothbrush, medicines and other small essentials.