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Best modern bathroom ideas

The modern bathroom has evolved from being a mere utilitarian space into a sanctuary of relaxation and rejuvenation. Designing a modern bathroom is not just about functionality; it's about creating an oasis that resonates with one's personal style and offers a respite from the daily grind. In this article, we will explore some modern bathroom ideas to inspire you to transform your bathroom into a modern masterpiece.

Modern bathroom design

Modern design celebrates the beauty of simplicity. A modern bathroom typically features clean lines, neutral colours, plenty of floor space and high-quality, sustainable materials. To get on trend include sleek and minimalistic fixtures, such as a wall-mounted toilet and a floating vanity, bathroom tiles in glass, metal or stone, and of course, clutter-free organisation. Overall, it combines simplicity, functionality and contemporary aesthetics to create a tranquil and visually appealing space in your home.

Luckily, with our roots firmly in Danish design these elements are all brought together in our take on bathrooms. Let us help guide you through some of the most important elements in designing a modern bathroom. 

Start with a neutral colour palette

When designing a modern bathroom, it's important to keep the colour palette simple and pick neutral tones for walls, floor tiles and fixtures. Shades of white, grey and green are perfect for achieving a clean and serene atmosphere. These colours are an easy way to bring modern elements into your bathroom scheme, and achieve that contemporary bathroom you’re looking for.  Remember, you’re creating a sleek bathroom space you can relax in, so pick shades that work for your tastes to use as your base. 

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Choose minimalist bathroom fixtures

Whether you’re designing a small bathroom or have the space of a primary bathroom, simplicity is key when it comes to modern bathroom design. Choose minimalistic fixtures, such as a wall-mounted toilet, a floating vanity or a frameless shower door to create a clean and modern space. 

Streamlined, freestanding cabinets are fitting for any contemporary bathroom, they free up floor space giving a spacious feeling – essential for a modern bathroom. Consider not only colours but functionality, too – do you want matte surfaces that repel sticky fingers? Or maybe you’re more interested in a handle-free design. Whatever considerations you have, all of our minimalist bathroom fixtures are stylish and functional in keeping with a modern bathroom. You can find all of our bathroom designs here.

If space allows, extend this style to the rest of the bathroom. A freestanding bath, walk-in shower enclosure or shower room can be a great idea if you have more space to create a focal point to the bathroom that is both modern and luxurious. 

A sink needs to be both stylish and functional, after all, you and your family will be using it multiple times a day. Take time to consider what it will be used for. If it’s simply a teeth brushing station perhaps a vessel sink will be enough. If your skincare routine starts at the sink it might be worth exploring deeper sinks – or even a double vanity so bedtime routines don’t get interrupted. Have a look here.

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The natural look

High-quality bathroom materials like natural stone, marble and solid wood, in neutral tones, will complement a neutral, minimalistic colour palette. Add warmth with natural wood flooring or sleekness with marble tiles, try to mix the materials when considering the interior design of your new bathroom. You could use the same material on different elements of the room to tie it all together such as getting bathroom accessories to match the marble floor or wood effect tiles would be balanced nicely with a rustic feature floating shelf. Whatever you choose bringing natural materials and the outside in is a modern bathroom trend that is going nowhere.

Keep it clutter-free

A clutter-free bathroom is essential to achieving a modern look. Choose bathroom accessories that will help keep your countertops clear of unnecessary items and store your toiletries and towels in closed cabinets or baskets. Drawer dividers are not just for kitchens, they’re perfect to save space in a bathroom too! Use them inside your vanity units to separate toiletries for each family member for a modern touch fit for a modern bathroom. 

A clutter free bathroom

Pay attention to details

Thanks to the simplicity at the core of your modern bathroom, what makes it truly special is all in the details. These days modern bathrooms provide a canvas for artistic expression, allowing homeowners to infuse their personality into the design. Add an artistic tile with bold colours or intricate patterns to create a feature wall or a statement mirror if you’re struggling with having enough light. Inject a little style with a unique piece of artwork, adding plants on floating shelves or a unique faucet make a big impact and elevate your bathroom to the next level – true modern bathroom design. 

Designing a modern bathroom is all about simplicity, high-quality, natural materials and attention to detail. With our wide range of bathroom products and design solutions, you can create a modern bathroom that not only looks great but also functions perfectly for your lifestyle.