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How to achieve that country kitchen style

Not everyone is into minimalist and simple white kitchens, bringing a touch of country style kitchens to modern homes is a cosy nod to rural life. You might be surprised to hear that those traditional country style kitchen details, like framing and handles, can be just as beautiful in a large, high-ceiling flat in the city as they are in the actual countryside.

From wooden worktops to open shelving and cup handles, it's precisely these details that make the country kitchen such a classic. Fortunately, you can easily be inspired and get a little of that country aesthetic in a contemporary kitchen that matches today's needs.

Whether you are into the rustic, the romantic or the more modern, you can use the details of the country kitchen to create your very own farmhouse kitchen – no matter where you live.

Romantic country style

That whimsical cosiness you associate with a country kitchen? So much of it comes from traditional cabinetry framing the kitchen. A contemporary take would be classic grey cabinets made with key elements of a country kitchen but with slimmer, more modern frames. Add some elegant handles to help to give your kitchen a bit of the romance that you associate with a traditional country kitchen. Decorate with ceramics and wild flowers to create an extra warm and cosy look. 


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The modern country kitchen

The romantic country kitchen is back in an updated and modern version with fine details and elements of copper, brass and wood. This kitchen exudes good times with food simmering in huge pots and creates an oasis of calm in the midst of a busy everyday life. 

A practical choice for the whole family, Pavia is easy to clean thanks to its special matte surfaces and whilst it looks every bit the country kitchen, it can integrate kitchen appliances and intelligent drawer design. Better still, it goes just as beautifully in a high-ceilinged city apartment or your summerhouse in the countryside.


Rustic country kitchens

If you’re lucky enough to have rustic features like wooden beams, Belfast sink and exposed brick walls – well, you’re well on your way to a rustic country kitchen! Take it up a notch by using natural materials such as wood or stone for your worktop. You can also choose accessories that add character and a touch of country charm - mismatched crockery, dried flowers and copper pans. And don’t forget to complete that country look with some open storage like a ceramic holder of your most utensils.


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Idyllic country kitchen ideas

Combine idyllic country kitchen ideas with Danish design, and get a contemporary twist in your kitchen. Bring in an element of the classic country kitchen with open shelving, raw materials and natural textures. Let your kitchen cabinets’ clean lines create a calm balance and conceal all your clever storage solutions – try to only display things that will recreate that farmhouse kitchen vibe! 


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So, whether you’re going all out with architectural features, painted cabinetry and a range cooker or just want to bring a little touch of country kitchen design to your home – we hope you’ve found a starting point!