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5 tips for decorating with Danish design in your bathroom

The hallmark of Danish design is an aesthetic combination of beauty and functionality, whether it's in your kitchen or your bath. Here are five ways you can decorate your bathroom with Danish design - and get stunning results.

1. Make your bath seem bigger with minimalism

One of the greatest luxuries in a bathroom is free space – and with its minimalistic approach Danish design means fewer elements and more free space. Wall-mounted cabinets need no legs – which lets the beauty of your floor and wall space shine and stand out. Plus it's easier to get under there and do that pesky cleaning. Intelligent cabinets with plenty of storage space can do the job of perfume shelves and cupboards, and an integrated sink can give you free breathing space in front of the mirror – every morning. Free space is ideal real estate in the bathroom.

2. Keep all your bathroom functionality in check

Modern life often means bathrooms are overcrowded with personal accessories, gadgets and care products with passionate branding on them. With an intelligent solution like Mano, that integrates functionalities and lets you organise the contents of your drawers, you'll have everything right where you need it: in front of the mirror. Organised with an overview, so the skin tonic does not hide behind any of the lotions. Remember, you're worth it.

3. Give your bathroom a talent for 'clean'

We are sure you agree that a bathroom needs a sense of clean ambience. Though there's no denying that feeling actually requires cleaning, there is good sense in minimalism here as well. Stuffed bathrooms with crowded floors stay humid.  One of the hallmarks of Danish design is open space around the elements – on the floor, on the walls and in the way you move around in the space. This will ease access for cleaning, free airflow and give you a bright, airy interior that keeps mildew at bay.

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4. Expand your design choices to your bathroom

It adds an extra dimension to your personal design style, when the design elements from your kitchen harmonise with those in your hallway or your bathroom. Danish design like the Mano bathroom cabinet will be as natural and familiar to use as it is in your kitchen and emphasise a focus on well-being throughout the house.

5. Light up your bathroom design with your personal touch

The cleaner and simpler your basic bathroom design is, the more impact your decorative elements have. Because Danish design is often clear and sharp, it is warmed up by softer, rounded or colourful elements. Your favourite item be it an heirloom vase, your best attempt at Ikebana or a flacon of fragrance can have no more place of honour than on top of your Mano cabinet with an integrated sink.

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