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7 tips for keeping your kitchen budget

Let’s look at the tips you should have in mind if you’re trying to keep the cost of your kitchen at a reasonable level. From simple practicalities to a few little tricks to have up your sleeve, we’ve got you covered.

We don't think quality and price need to be compromised when you’re buying your new kitchen. However, you might still be surprised when you see how much a kitchen can cost even when you’re trying to budget. That being said, a reasonably priced kitchen is not impossible to say the least, in fact, providing Danish design at a surprisingly low price is kind of our superpower. With these seven tips you can get so much for your money - with just a few smart choices and considerations.

Step 1

-- some things have already found their place.

Keep drains, water and electrical points in the same locations as they are already in your kitchen. Moving these can incur surprisingly high costs, especially if you consider how many electrical appliances need access to them! So step one, keep the shell of your kitchen just as it is.

Step 2

-- be storage smart, go large.

Consider the style of cupboard. Our XXL gives you 40% more room, so maybe you don’t need to purchase as many as you first thought. This can help save you money! It goes without saying, measure and be sure of exactly what you need and what fits in your kitchen. Be sure you don’t overbuy.

Step 3
-- materials matter.

Choose your kitchen materials based on durability and appearance. What works for you might not work for others, so really consider the main needs you have. More expensive doesn’t necessarily equal practicality, and less expensive can suit your kitchen better - and save you some money too.

Step 4

-- the ‘secret’ large cost.

Time and time again we see this, so we’re shouting it as loud as we can! The worktop is often one of the biggest (and forgotten!) expenses. It covers near enough all your kitchen, so it has to be a big cost. Again, here it’s important to consider the material that suits you best for your worktop. The difference in price can be startling so be sure to chat with our kitchen experts about what works best for you and your budget. We have a full range of beautiful worktops, so no matter which one you choose, your kitchen will have the look you want.

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Step 5

-- do you dare to DIY?

If you have some experience or the right skills, dismantling your old kitchen or installing your new one can save you a lot of money. Doing it yourself could be a real option for you to save some cash and stick to your budget. However, we cannot stress enough, only do this if it is truly a valid option. Dodgy jobs will definitely end up costing you more in the long run.

VEDA light oak

12 345,-

Step 6

-- cabinets over drawers, who knew?

Cabinets are often more budget-friendly than drawers. Thanks to a number of our handy accesories you can kit these out to suit your needs. And, thanks to our standard XL and bigger XXL cabinets you really do get more room for your money.

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Step 7
-- hunt for offers!

These days, we’re always looking for great deals. 3 for 2 on white goods? 15% off the worktop you desperately wanted but was a little out of your budget? Start researching kitchens in good time and hopefully you can find some great offers when you’re finally buying a new kitchen.


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