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How to choose the right kitchen worktop

Choosing a kitchen worktop is one of the most important and perhaps also the most difficult decisions when buying a new kitchen. There are several good reasons for this - the worktop has a big impact on the kitchen's design and appearance and on the overall budget. In addition, the kitchen worktop is the part of your kitchen that must be able to withstand the greatest wear and tear and withstand being used for many different tasks every single day. Are you in doubt about which worktop matches your needs and your kitchen? Read this guide on what to consider before making your choice.

In order to choose a worktop that lives up to your needs and the way you use it, it's important to first consider what expectations you have. Think about these key questions that are important for both material selection and design:

  • How much time do you want to spend on cleaning and regular maintenance?
  • Should the worktop be particularly resistant to greasy fingers and scratches and be able to withstand high heat?
  • Do you often work with foods that that might cause stains?

Design vs. function?

Many people start with the design and may tend to downplay considerations of daily use and functionality. The design of the worktop is of great importance for the overall look of the kitchen - and it is easier to relate to how the worktop looks in the here and now than about how it might appear after 5-10 years of use and wear.

Fortunately, there are plenty of worktops that look amazing and are durable and match every need in the kitchen. Nevertheless, it may be necessary to compromise to accommodate design, functionality and price.

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Let's talk design

The worktop can have a decisive influence on the overall look of your kitchen, and you have several options for creating the look you want. For example, the material and the surface structure can play a major role, and colour naturally helps to define the kitchen design that you choose.

Another important design factor is the thickness and mounting of the worktop. It's important to decide whether you want to choose a thick and distinctive table top or a thin one that may even be mounted so that it appears to float over the kitchen elements.

Let's talk function

Your kitchen worktop will be put through whatever you throw at it for the next many years. That's why it's probably not a great idea to choose based on the look of it alone. You'll need to consider the effect of daily if in the kitchen on your worktop - so it needs to be durable, hygienic, easy to clean and maintain and it probably needs to be good at handling heat and spills. 

What will you put your worktop through?

You need to consider who is going to be using the kitchen on a daily basis and how they will be using it. It has to be there for you in your everyday life. That means it should be easy to clean and not require elaborate maintenance. 

If you have children, keep in mind that they'll want to help out while you're cooking dinner, so your worktop needs to work for them as well as you. A good piece of advice is to choose a worktop with a textured surface, as this makes fingerprints and any scratches less visible.

Which worktop is the right one for you?

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— Worktop -- for hot pots and pans.

The most heat-resistant materials in our range are ceramics. In general, however, we always recommend that you use a table protector for your hot pots and pans, but on ceramics it works fine without.

— Worktop -- maintenance free.

If you want to choose a worktop that's easy to maintain, we recommend laminate, compact laminate, core, ceramic, composite or steel. So you have a pretty wide range of options to choose from.

— Worktop -- on a budget.

If you're on a tight budget, choose a worktop in laminate. It really gives you a lot for your money - also great durability and easy cleaning. At the same time, you can choose from a myriad of exciting colours and textures.

Hardwood worktops

Hardwood worktops

We offer a range of worktops in hardwood. Natural materials are unique and will often change character over time. At the same time, they typically require a little more care and maintenance than other materials.

Regular treatment with oil

With regular treatment with oil, a harddwood worktop can stay beautiful for many years. Be aware that water and oil can leave marks on the worktop if you do not wipe it down and clean it regularly. Particular attention should be paid to the sink and hob, and you should avoid leaving damp dishcloths or tea towels on a wooden worktop for any length of time.

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Hardwood worktops

No matter how gently you treat your hardwood worktop, it will typically get small scratches and marks over time, which give the worktop patina and personality. It is part of the charm of choosing a natural and organic material. The best part is that hardwood worktops can be sanded down and made to look like new again. This isn't possible with other types of worktops. 

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Kvik XL & XXL

20% more everyday on kitchen table

If you choose XXL, you also get a deeper table top, which gives 20% more work space on the table top. This means cooking without anyone or anything getting in the way - and at the same time there is room for both children and all the ingredients on the table top when you bake.

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Your worktop can withstand most things

All our worktops are made to handle ordinary use in the kitchen. However, some materials are more resistant than others and therefore require less maintenance.

Do you want a worktop that is won't get damaged by water and oil or kitchen utensils and keys that are thrown on the surface? Granite countertops and compact laminate countertops are extremely robust, stylish and practical - and close to maintenance-free. This can mean fewer worries and less cleaning in an already busy everyday life.

Expert's tips:

Touch the worktop before you decide!

The material of the worktop is important for something other than the appearance and the daily maintenance. It's also important how it feels to the touch. The worktop even has an effect on the acoustics in your kitchen! We advise you to stop by one of our showrooms and really experience the different options before you decide.

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A worktop in hard material is colder to the touch, while wood worktops are warmer and softer to the touch. Yet a hard and cold worktop is practical, e.g. if you often bake.

— Niels Krabbe Iversen
Sales Manager

The price of worktop and your total kitchen budget

The kitchen worktop can make up a large part of the total budget for a new kitchen, if you choose one of the more exclusive materials like ceramic or composite. In fact, it is not uncommon for the price of the worktop to be on par with or even exceed the rest of the kitchen!

If you want an affordable worktop, laminate is the obvious choice. Laminate can give you room in your budget for appliances and it meets the needs of a typical family, as it's both robust and easy to clean.