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Luxury kitchens blend functionality and beauty, and better still are designed specifically to your wants and needs. See how Kvik can help you bring it to life.

Luxury kitchen ideas

In the realm of interior design, kitchens have evolved from being mere functional spaces to becoming the heart of the home — a place where culinary artistry intertwines with aesthetics and comfort. Luxury kitchen design means tailoring a kitchen around, well, you – that’s true luxury. Bespoke kitchens that are designed exclusively to your wants and needs to create your dream living space. So, step into the opulence, darling, and let us talk you through true luxury kitchens.

What makes a luxurious kitchen?

A luxury kitchen is not just about utility, but encapsulating the essence of sophistication and indulgence alongside it. Luxury kitchens are characterised by a combination of exquisite design, high-quality materials and thoughtful functionality. These amazing spaces put the kitchen at centre stage in your dream home, creating a modern space that will stand the test of time. Read on for some of the key ways to create an indulgent and timeless luxury kitchen.

Cabinetry craftsmanship 

Cabinetry is the backbone of any kitchen design, a luxury kitchen is defined by its cabinets’ fine materials, details and impeccable finishes. These cabinets are more than storage solutions; they are works of art that set the tone of a luxury kitchen with refinement and functional elegance. 

Use these ideas as inspiration when designing your luxury kitchen either using a kitchen designer or on your own:

BORDO blue

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All colours have space in a luxury kitchen. Don’t be afraid to mix cabinet colours, such as a different colour for upper cabinets or your kitchen island. These choices can be balanced or made to pop even further by using contrasting colours on the walls or splash backs.



Solid wood like a light oak immediately adds a gravitas and why not show off exceptional craftsmanship? Solid natural materials like dark wood or marble are timeless and elegant. We have plenty of sustainable options using recycled materials if going green needs to be blended with luxury.



It’s not only important to pay attention to detail, in a luxury kitchen, it’s imperative. These finishing touches on your cabinetry are the pièce de résistance in a beautifully planned space. Handles, clean lines or invisible handles will all change how your kitchen, literally, feels. The size, the shape – be sure to choose a style that oozes elegance whilst being ergonomically pleasing.



Following on from cabinetry, one of the next features to add impact and high-end energy to your kitchen is your new countertop. Whether you go for solid wood or choose a heavily veined marble top both will change the feel of the room. When choosing, think too about your sink – will it be in-built and a continuation of the countertop, or will you be choosing a statement sink that shines alone. 

Look further into countertops

Kitchen island

Step into the realm of luxury kitchens and you'll inevitably encounter a captivating centrepiece — the kitchen island. A kitchen island is more than a countertop; it's a canvas for culinary creation and a gathering place for cherished moments. Plus, it always looks incredible. Kitchen islands are meticulously crafted to exude grandeur while serving as functional workstations in any contemporary kitchen. They are an embodiment of luxury and offer up ample space for the whole family to sit on bar stools and enjoy midnight snacks or give a little company to the cook!

Find the right kitchen island
White kitchen with a kitchen island and a solid wood worktop

MANO white

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Open up your shelves

Open shelving is an interior design trend that exudes luxury. Whilst there is a need for closed storage, displaying meticulously curated dishware, glassware and prized collectibles can add a touch of personalised luxury. Weave it into your kitchen design and use it as an invitation to showcase your culinary passions while maintaining a seamless, clutter-free space.

Dining space

Extending your luxury kitchen into your dining area, whether that is in an open-plan setting or a separate dining space is entirely up to you. However, consider the interior design of the space –  luxury shouldn’t just stop at your kitchen door. Choose high-quality furniture, flooring and finishes when designing your dining area to ensure it complements the space perfectly.


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In a world where kitchens have evolved into expressions of lifestyle and artistry, Kvik emerges as a luminary in the pursuit of opulent living. With an unwavering dedication to design excellence, craftsmanship and innovation, our luxurious kitchens redefine the concept of culinary spaces. As you embark on the journey of luxury kitchen design, let our kitchen designers be your guide to crafting a luxurious culinary masterpiece that transcends time and trends.