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Kitchens in colour — how to use colour in your kitchen.

Choosing a colour theme for your kitchen goes beyond so much more than just paint swatches. It's about creating a cosy space that radiates warmth, reflects your style, and invites cherished memories. From calming natural tones to vibrant hues, the colour palette you select can breathe new life into your cooking and dining area. In this guide, we'll explore the significance of colour in a kitchen, the interplay between colour and natural light, and various inspiring kitchen colour ideas to transform your space.

The enduring appeal of white walls

White paint is perfect for a neutral kitchen, creating a fresh and bright atmosphere, which is a great backdrop for adding colour for both traditional or contemporary styles. Consider using rich natural colours like oak or beech and opting for painted units in neutral colours like green or beige for a clean, sophisticated look with a pop of colour.

Exploring blue kitchen ideas

Blue kitchens are on the rise and for good reason. Versatile shades of blue, from bright cerulean to calming baby blue to grand navy, can create different moods in the kitchen. Pair blue walls with natural wood kitchen cabinets and accents for a coastal vibe or opt for classic white units for a fresh and contemporary feel. 

BORDO blue

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Going green — why interior design loves a green kitchen.

Green kitchens offer a unique and on-trend colour choice. From soft sage to deep forest hues, green can create a soothing space that brings the natural world indoors. It’s a wonderful choice to pair with warm neutrals too so even if you don’t fancy going floor-to-ceiling green, consider trying green cabinets against white walls or units with neutral tones like clay or oak wood against a green backdrop. 

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Green kitchen with a wine refrigerator and a wooden worktop

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Being bold and black

The black kitchen is really something to behold. Go all black with metallic accents for a dramatic urban feel or try monochrome with white fitted units or feature walls for a twist on the classic design. 

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The sophisticated choice — the grey kitchen.

Grey is a resourceful colour that can illuminate the room in a soft shade or make a bold statement with deep, dark tones. Balance a grey kitchen with crisp whites, warm it up with wooden accents or add vibrant appliances and accessories for a splash of contrasting colours.

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Using wood for colour and texture

Don’t underestimate the power of using natural wood as a dominant colour. Classic oak worktops or wooden flooring add warmth and texture to any interior space. Its wide range of natural tones complements various colour palettes, creating an cosy ambience in your home.

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Embracing colour blocking

Colour blocking is a stylish way to inject fun and personality into the room. By pairing two or more colours together, you create distinct "blocks" of colour that can define space or create a fresh and modern twist. 

Choosing the right colour for a small kitchen

For smaller kitchens, the right colour can make a world of difference. Bright and cool shades, such as soft white, beige, and pretty pastels open up a space and have a calming effect. Reflective surfaces like a glossy finish on cabinets amplify the effect of natural light. Bold colours can also be employed effectively in accents such as feature walls or colourful titles, adding depth and character to a small kitchen.

Small kitchen inspiration
White rustic kitchen with built-in oven and white fronts

So whether your taste is more timeless classics or bold statements, embrace your creativity and lean into colour.

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